The best pubs in the Dayton area.

Relax, Revel, or Dance the Night Away at These Local Pubs

After a long day, with no chores left and the kids finally free, it’s your time to relax and have some fun. Near our Kettering apartments, a multitude of splendid spots await you for an evening of liberation. So, slip into your best attire and embark on a little adventure at these bars, pubs, and taverns nearby, all conveniently located a stone’s throw from Dovetree.


Timothy’s Bar and Grill

Since its inception in 1965, Timothy’s Bar and Grill, affectionately called Tim’s, Timmy’s, or TI’s, is a mere 15-minute journey from Dovetree. It has earned its stripes as one of the Best College Bars nationwide. Offering cold brews, delightful dishes, and endless entertainment, this University of Dayton pub promises pure enjoyment. For a glimpse at their menu and upcoming events, visit Timothy’s Bar and Grill website.


Flanagan’s Pub

A staple since 1976, Flanagan’s Pub beckons sports enthusiasts and draft beer aficionados alike. With its solar-powered operations, this no-fuss Irish tavern combines basic pub grub with a full array of drinks in a laid-back environment. Dive into their menu and event lineup at the Flanagan’s Pub website.


Dublin Pub

Not far from our West Carrollton apartments, about 10 minutes away, sits the Dublin Pub. This establishment, peculiarly housed in a repurposed Shell gas station and expanded with a historical church, has secured its rank among the Top 10 Pubs in the U.S. Whether it’s for the Best Fries in Dayton or the largest St. Patrick’s Day celebration in Ohio, Dublin Pub is your go-to spot. Explore the Dublin Pub website for more on their menu and live events.


Lucky’s Taproom & Eatery

In the heart of Dayton’s Historic Oregon District, Lucky’s Taproom and Eatery has welcomed guests since 2011. This inviting establishment, featuring 20 rotating beer taps, promises a memorable Friday night of exquisite meals and exquisite craft beers. Take a seat, catch a game, and enjoy dishes like burgers, chicken and waffles, or fish and chips. For more details, visit Lucky’s website.


Troll Pub

A magical experience awaits at Troll Pub, a short drive from our Kettering dwellings. This enchanting family-friendly gastropub offers sophisticated American cuisine, signature cocktails, and chilled beers in a secret hideaway ambiance, complete with exposed brickwork and clandestine bookshelf doors. It’s not just dining; it’s an adventure. Dive into the Troll Pub website for a peek at their offerings and a virtual tour.


Ned Peppers Bar

Embrace your cowboy spirit or drift to tropical shores at Ned Peppers Bar. This eclectic western bar transforms into a Tiki haven in the back, complete with a dance floor and superb sound system. For a more subdued evening, the adjacent Hole in the Wall Bar offers a tranquil retreat. All the details are on the Ned Peppers Bar website.


Harrigan’s Tavern

For those craving an authentic Irish bar vibe, make your way to Harrigan’s Tavern. Since 1967, this celebrated tavern has served up pub classics and cold beers, surrounded by captivating memorabilia, live tunes, and sports broadcasts. It’s the perfect locale for enjoying pizza alongside your favorite drink. Check out Harrigan’s Tavern website for the full scoop on their menu, live events, and more.


Experience the joy, laughter, and unforgettable nights at these diverse bars and pubs located conveniently near our West Carrollton apartments. Swing by Dovetree now to explore our luxurious and roomy living spaces.

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